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Programma Teatrale 2013  

The Ente "Luglio Musicale Trapanese", since 1948, exercises its theatrical structure involved, within the municipal and provincial, for achieving the objective of dissemination of theatrical and enhancement of the cultural / artistic of its territory, acting as a strong arm of entities operating partners (City of Trapani Province of Trapani).
Of substantial importance has always been the opera production, represented primarily during the summer season in the prestigious open-air theater of Villa Margherita named after the great Sicilian tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano.
At a later time the agency has expanded its range with the launch of functional prose seasons of great appeal, placed, rightly, in the circuits of the national theater.
Acquired legal personality in '92 (Regional Decree of 28 March 1992), the Entity "Luglio Musicale Trapanese" was added gradually in the context of international institutions working, with particular artistic qualification, in the field of opera houses; So much so that as, theatrical training center, is joined dell'EurOpera Studio ", together with prestigious opera houses in Italy and Europe, such as the Opéra National de Paris and the Theatre of Cologne in Germany.
The theatrical activity of prose - which for some years he recorded "action", on the stage of the Teatro Tito Marrone (University), the best companies and the most famous actors and directors (by Giuffre in Alida Valli, by Mariangela Spalato to Valeria Moriconi, by Ugo Pagliai to Corrado Pani, by Paola Quattrini to Giulio Brogi, by Gabriele Lavia with Rossella Falk, by Turi Ferro Ida Carrara, by the late Ernesto Calindri in Giustino Durano) - Gave Ente "July" a qualified business continuity theatrical, in all its forms, technical and dramatic and artistic.
The same publishing initiatives - such as a compact disc recording of L'Italiana in Algeri G. Rossini, the catalog of the works of the composer Antonio Trapani Receipt, the Conference (dedicated to him, years ago in the ancient halls of the Library "Fardelliana") and the publication of the "Proceedings of the Conference" Traditions on the lyrics of Trapani- have helped to spread the musical heritage, also local, and to conquer the circuits foreign culture (Libraries, Conservatives, Theaters and educational institutions).
Among the activities planned by the Ente deserves to be highlighted also the Film series "Evenings in the Green Under the Stars", which is organized in the summer time inside the Villa Pepoli with the intent to harmonize the purpose social / cultural museum with those.
At the international level is located, years, "Competition Giuseppe Di Stefano, "The Young and the Opera": an exhibition that engages, entirely, the Board in July, to treat the selection of young opera singers in order to introduce them in the activities of national theaters, including through the organization of a "Course of goodwill and further training music for opera singers", aimed not only at strengthening and improvement of vocal skills, but also to allow young talent to acquire a solid interpretative.
The Ente Luglio Musicale pays particular attention to the relationship between the theater and the school, in its broadest sense informative and educational. And in fact, projects "Theatre and School" and "Music in the classroom" are addressed, essentially, to young students, to introduce them to the world of music and, more generally, the theater, in the consideration that it is a fruitful educational channel and an outstanding means of training youth.
The particular qualification Entity in the field of stage productions is demonstrated by the circuitry sets for its production of high prestige in domestic theaters such as those of Marseilles, Parma, Athens, Novara and Trento.
It should be noted that The National Luglio Musicale Trapanese has always promoted an incisive cultural outreach activities in an area of ​​extreme remoteness, such as the south-western Sicily, but that is unquestionably rich in artistic and theatrical traditions that testify to the intense flows of civilization, that history has recorded nell'inero area of ​​the Province.
Just to highlight the historical and cultural interest of our territory, the archaeological area of ​​Selinunte, with particular regard to the beautiful scenery of the Temple of Hera, has recently joined the circuit of Theatre and Opera Season promoted from.
The relocation of theater has been implemented in other places of special interest such as the Rose Theatre (Castellammare del Golfo) and the Monumental Complex of St. Peter (Marsala).
The centrality of the Entity "Luglio Musicale Trapanese" in the context of programmatic tourism in the province of Trapani is, In short, more than half a century, a cornerstone of undisputed thickness.
The offer art and culture that the organization has always put at the disposal of the territory is always configured in recent years as a tourist product of excellent workmanship and outstanding call, thanks to a program of shows and events that manages to combine Theatre Tradition of innovative strategies, both through the avant-garde choices billboard, either by the wise adaptations to the contemporary period of the evocative locations that the ancient territory of Trapani offers.

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Programma 2013


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