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L’arte del corallo rivive al museo Pepoli  

Do not miss the appointment at the Museum Pepoli of Trapani, which will host the Mosta "The great masterpieces of coral - Corals of Trapani of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries" from the 18 May to 30 June. An ode to the Mediterranean creativity, between the sacred and the profane, which revives the tradition of the ancient masters corallai of Trapani where already in 1400, in the heart of the historic center, by way of the Corallai, worked over 25 the artisans' workshops.
A real tribute to the coral, according to mythology, was born from the blood of the severed head of Medusa solidifying in contact with air and that has always been the subject of the birth of myths and popular beliefs. A Show, In short, with which he intends to exploit one of the oldest and most valuable traditions of Sicily: l'art carved coral and coral.
At the Show, Organized and commissioned by the "Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino", housed in Catania until 5 May at the Palazzo Valle in Trapani and curated by Dr. Valeria Li LiVigni, will be more than 120 precious artifacts from the collections of the Banca Popolare di Novara, the Diocesan Museum of Monreale, the Whitaker Foundation and private collectors. Among these we find: jewelry, vestments, inkwells, Casters, cornici decorated , mirrors, caskets and game tables; gifts of nature that the hands of master craftsmen have turned into poetry to adorn princely houses and holds up today provide a unique opportunity to relive the beauty of the real treasures of our past.


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