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Erice, il Centro Ettore Maiorana

Erice, the Centro Ettore Maiorana

Erice, locali in piazza

Erice, local square

Erice: palazzo municipale

Erice: Town Hall

By Night

By Night

Il Castello

The Castle

Itinerari dall'Hotel

Itineraries in Erice

1) Dall'Elimo the Punic Walls
2) Old Town and Castle
3) The Castle and Park
4) From Erice to Trapani via cable car

Historical Note:

City sacred to Elimi, Erice was the site of a famous ancient cult dedicated to the goddess of fertility: Venus Ericina, Astarte of the Phoenicians, Aphrodite for the Greeks. Punic stronghold, in Roman times loses d’ importance. With the Arabs and the Normans after the first returns increase with the construction of doors, the fortification walls. It’ the period of the churches and the Matrix. Only in 1935 Erice is named that has now, until that moment was “Monte San Giuliano”.

1) Dall'Elimo the Punic Walls.

Leaving the left dall'Elimo go along the small stretch down to the port of Trapani then right to the Plan of the Church, with its Campanile (visit fee) of the 14th century.. The interior of the church is Gothic: Leaving to the right along the Via Rabatà to port Sword. From port to port Sword on Carmine Street Sorrows are the ruins of the Punic walls of the eighth century. a.c.

Photo Album: Erice and surroundings

2) Old Town and Castle.

Leaving right dall'Elimo uphill along Via Vittorio Emanuele to the Piazza Umberto I. We are in the old town of Erice, here is recommended enter and walk the streets that intersect to find himself suddenly drowned in the Middle Ages. Were “miraculously” intact plants and forms of the medieval palaces and churches that are present in large quantities in Erice. It’ can buy handicrafts and souvenirs of the visit and taste the famous almond cakes world-renowned.
Once in Piazza Umberto, please visit the Town Hall, with the Museum Cordici then going by the way Cordici you arrive in the beautiful square S. Domenico with the Church to which he was devoted, right we enter the Via Guarnotti where in addition to a beautiful arch and other churches meet the historic headquarters of the Ettore Majorana Centre, postgraduate institute of the most famous in the world. The courses, ranging from genetics to archeology from biophysics agronomy, often participate Nobel Prizes. The school does not issue certificates, but delivers the best in all fields of knowledge. On some occasions you can visit the hall of the palace and the seismological center that is located. Continuing along the St. Giuliano church with the same name and a short stretch of Via Roma climb to the castle whose description we refer to the next route.

3) The Castle and Park.

To arrive in the shortest possible time to the Castle and then the beautiful park and garden dall'Elimo just go out and keep right onto the Via San Francesco, a lane paved paved as are the streets of Erice. Among balconies full of flowers which lazily dozing kittens, come out onto the square in front of the castle where you arrive after walking along the scenic ranging from Trapani inside to Monte Cofano and San Vito lo Capo. At the Castle of Venus comes from the public garden called “the Garden of Balio” which takes its name from the homonymous towers that dot the park and were once connected by drawbridges. Anchors over the height of the top archaeological site of the ancient acropolis.
A beautiful fountain of Venus surrounded by the remains of the Punic home certainly subject to happy memories over the magnificent square in front of the castle where you can make panoramic photos with a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

4) From Erice to Trapani via cable car.

Leaving left dall'Elimo the Via Vittorio Emanuele to Port of Trapani, between shops of local artisans. Via the beautiful port, you have to cross the parking lot and go in front where there is the cable car station, reopened renewed in 2005, that in a few minutes takes you to Trapani. If done at dusk, the show is guaranteed: over the majestic view of Trapani and Saline, sea, as suspended in space, surfaced Egadi, Favignana, Levanzo and behind, Marettimo like trying to say… heaven ends there !



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